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Does Your Dog Really Need Clipping?

Hello, My name is Oscar - that's me in the picture. I'm usually a very happy and contented dog, but the following experience wasn't the best thing that's happened in my life.

Dog grooming is an important part of your dog's health care program..., please think twice about having your dog's hair clipped very short. I had a really bad experience when my Mum and Dad took me to have a hair cut... please read this before having your pet shaved.
As you can see, my coat is fairly long, and it gets very hot where we live in Australia. I do a lot of huffing and puffing in the warm weather and try to find the coolest part of the house to rest in - I usually lie in the shower cubicle.

My Mum and Dad thought that I was becoming really distressed in the hot weather, so they decided to have me clipped. They were trying to do the best for me... and decided to leave about an inch of hair all over.

Mum phoned around and found this nice lady who was very experienced and had clipped lots of other dogs.

When we arrived at the dogs' hairdressing shop, the lady was very nice and spoke with authority - she really did seem to know what she was talking about. I was a bit skeptical and only wish us dogs could speak human - so that I could express my fears.

Dogs can be smarter than people
You know, dogs are a lot smarter than most people... and I had a really bad feeling about this. The comb she used on her clippers was far too small, I was getting a shave rather than a clip. But the worst was to come.

Ouch! Jeez! You know, male dogs have nipples too! She nicked me. Dad hadn't noticed this yet, but knew that I wasn't having a good time, and was being very patient trying to keep me calm - I was doing my best to be good - I just wanted out of there!

Now here's a real problem, dogs have elbows and mine are callused and very furry... and yep! she nicked me there as well. "Please take me home."

Phew! After what seemed about as long as three sleeps, the torture was over, my Mum paid the lady $50 - I reckon she should have paid my Mum $50 for letting her practice on me.

That money could have paid for a lot of doggy treats and toys.
It wasn't until we got home that my Mum and Dad noticed the little nicks on my nipples, they were very upset about this, imagine how I felt. They didn't notice my elbows, as they appeared to be okay at this stage.

My Dad put some ointment on my nicks and they healed in a few days…

...but my elbows were a bigger problem.
They were so itchy, I kept licking them which made them worse. My Dad kept putting ointment on my elbows, and I kept licking it off.

Mum and Dad tried to bandage the sore area… but I kept tearing the bandages off - it was fun. I was growled at every time I went to lick my elbows, or tear the bandages off, but when nobody was looking - I was at it again.

So Dad decided to keep me busy after the ointment was applied, he smeared the stuff on my elbows, rubbing it in gently, and then he'd take me for a walk.

After a few days my sore elbows began to get better and they healed up in no time. Now they look healthy and they don't bother me any more.

We guess that the elbows got an infection after the lady nicked them. Next page.

Message from Oscar's Dad

We were having some very high temperatures in Brisbane, and Oscar was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

We looked for a suitable person who specialized in trimming dogs.

The young lady who trimmed (read shaved) Oscar, was recommended as an experienced person for the task.

I would never have him shaved that close again. As you can see from Oscar's story, it comes with certain dangers - if the groomer is inexperienced.

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